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Wadawurrung Traditional Owner and artist Billy O’Toole has been commissioned to design the ‘Begonia’ letters which will be on display in Sturt Street.

The artwork on each letter of ‘Begonia’ represents something different.

B — the artwork on the letter ‘B’ symbolises a journey across country and all coming together on Wadawurrung Country attending the Ballarat Begonia Festival.

E — the artwork on the letter ‘E’ represents ‘Wurdi Yuang’ (big hill) — it refers to the Wadawurrung mountain country around Black Hill and Buninyong.

G — the artwork on the letter ‘G’ symbolises the flowing waters that give life to all and nourish country.

O —the artwork on the ‘O’ signifies healing and welcoming to country. The eucalyptus depicted welcomes you onto country and cleanses you from the feet up to keep country and people healthy as they come together in peace.

N — the artwork on the ‘N’ represents gathering by fresh water.

I — the pattern on the ‘I’ symbolise the shape and known markings of the stone spear head. Stone head spears were a traditional tool used to hunt food.

A —the artwork on the letter ‘A’ symbolises the many creeks and waterholes across country.

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08 Mar - 12 Mar

Doveton Street/Sturt Street

Sturt Street, Ballarat Central VIC 3350

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Across Victoria’s Midwest, we acknowledge that we travel across the ancient landscapes of many First Peoples communities.

These lands have been nurtured and cared for over tens of thousands of years and we respect the work of Traditional Custodians for their ongoing care and protection.

We recognise the past injustices against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in this country. As our knowledge grows, we hope that we can learn from their resilience and creativity that has guided them for over 60,000 years.

As we invite people to visit and explore Victoria’s Midwest, we ask that alongside us, you also grow to respect the stories, living culture and connection to Country of the Ancestors and Elders of our First Peoples.


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