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Anjal Joshi, the head chef and owner of Magnolia, has an inspiring tale of determination and culinary passion. With 17 years of experience under his belt, Anjal’s journey began 16 years ago when he arrived in Australia from Nepal with just 800 American dollars to his name.

However, Anjal’s self-reliance and unwavering spirit led him to take charge of his circumstances. He reached out to anyone he knew, determined to find a place to stay and secure employment. His first foray into the culinary world came in the form of a dishwashing job. It was in this humble role that Anjal immersed himself in the midst of high-standard chefs, observing their techniques and avidly studying their craft.

Fuelled by a fervent aspiration to elevate his skills, Anjal embarked on a quest to revive the art of old-school cooking infused with contemporary culinary methods. His culinary philosophy revolves around crafting dishes entirely from scratch, devoid of pre-made or pre-packaged ingredients. Anjal’s vision transcends the commonplace; he strives to merge the nostalgia of traditional cooking with the innovative practices of modern gastronomy.

Anjal’s culinary approach at Magnolia reflects his unwavering commitment to quality and authenticity. His fusion of tradition and innovation serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft of cooking, and his impact reverberates through every dish that graces the tables of Magnolia.

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  • Welcomes and assists people who have challenges with learning, communication, understanding and behaviour. (includes people with autism, intellectual disability, Down syndrome, acquired brain injury (ABI), dyslexia and dementia)
  • Caters for people who are blind or have vision loss.
  • Caters for people who are deaf or have hearing loss.
  • Caters for people with sufficient mobility to climb a few steps but who would benefit from fixtures to aid balance. (This includes people using walking frames and mobility aids)
  • Caters for people who use a wheelchair.
  • Caters for people with allergies and intolerances.

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Across Victoria’s Midwest, we acknowledge that we travel across the ancient landscapes of many First Peoples communities.

These lands have been nurtured and cared for over tens of thousands of years and we respect the work of Traditional Custodians for their ongoing care and protection.

We recognise the past injustices against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in this country. As our knowledge grows, we hope that we can learn from their resilience and creativity that has guided them for over 60,000 years.

As we invite people to visit and explore Victoria’s Midwest, we ask that alongside us, you also grow to respect the stories, living culture and connection to Country of the Ancestors and Elders of our First Peoples.


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